Sunday, May 15, 2011

Drought 2011

I don't have the heart to get out for any fishing or hiking right now. The Gila is burning as the streams get lower and lower. The Lincoln is closed. The Organs have been burnt and we're still most likely 2 months away from rain. It's all a bit depressing. I guess I'll be heading to Northern New Mexico or Colorado for any early summer camping.Maybe the Fall will find me in my favorite places. Pray for an early and substantial monsoon.

Indian Hollow- Organ Mountains

The Abrams Fire burned on the east side of the Organs as well, including the Indian Hollow area. I don't know if it got down into the patch of decent sized pines, where I've enjoyed many lunchtime rests in fall and spring, or if it burned down to the little grove of Gambel oaks that serves as a picnic spot as well as a campground for Sugarloaf climbers. Hopefully these areas were saved, but I have a sinking feeling many of those old firs and pines that grow among the cliffs and and spires that I would frequently admire and speculate as to their size, may have been torched.
  UPDATE (October,2014):I have hiked here many times in every season,but obviously fall is my favorite. I have not returned since the fire. But looking at others' blogs. It seems that the damage to this beautitful area was not as severe as I speculated . I've added a few more photos from  when water was flowing in the canyon. This year would be excellent time to see it again.