Monday, January 9, 2017

Faulkner Forks- Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

Went out for short hike to an area  that is the headwaters of Faulkner Canyon. Getting there was bit of an adventure because I was driving the Corolla not the 4Runner. Coming from the Corralitos Road  then onto the dirt road that branches off at a near 90 degree turn, I was really pushing the envelope a bit as the low clearance sedan was tearing up grass,dirt and weeds trying to avoid a flooded and muddy section of a road that's usually pretty benign. I made it to my planned starting point,but later I talked with friendly rancher who told me  I was "pretty brave" to come that far in car.  More like foolhardy.I started out at Hawkins Tank North, went down to the confluence with Indian Springs Canyon, and then  explored a different canyon on the north side. On way back in, I  explored the main canyon,before going overland  to my car parked near  the tank. There were plenty of plump bunnies and fat jackrabbits darting out wherever I went. I saw a coyote  trotting by. He looked well fed and I knew why. I looked at what I thought to be onyx deposits in one canyon wall that had been prospected. I also found a couple of walls attached to flat faced rock. I don't know how old they were,but they had to be older than the creosote bush that was growing between them.Not much else to report, although there are still a few spots I 'd like check out in this area one day in the future.

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