Friday, January 6, 2017

Apache Flats revisited- Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

My wife, her parents- Dennis and Carol Hermes-, Seamus, Nessie and myself went out  to one of the Apache Flats petroglyph sites a couple of days before Christmas.  Although I knew I could drive right up to the site, my plan was to park and do a short walk across the desert grasslands to reach Apache Tank and the rock art. Well, I haven't been there in over ten years and as we all walked, all except Seamus who was chasing jackrabbits, I realized after about a mile and a half that I had parked about a mile short of where I wanted to be. I told everyone to wait, went and retrieved the 4Runner, picked everyone up and drove right up to the site. We got our walk, and we got to the petroglyph site , just not quite like I planned. We spent quite awhile roaming around on the boulders taking photos until we'd all had our fill. It was a nice day at a site that's easily accessible if not as impressive as others in the Monument and nearby areas. See my earlier blog- "Apache Flats, Pine Canyon" for  more photos.


Jean-Claude Linossi said...

I tried to find the Apache Flats rock art a couple of weeks ago, was never able to locate them. Are they not near Massacre Peak ? Would love to see visit that site some day.


devon said...

This grouping is about 1.75 miles southeast of the peak and less than 1/4 mile from the maintained county road right by a livestock tank. There is another grouping about 2.75 miles south of this one, also near a livestock tank.

Jean-Claude Linossi said...

Thank you for the information, I will try it again soon.