Monday, February 4, 2008

Caballo Mountains

This road is visible from I- 25. From that vantage point it looks cut into the side of a cliff.
We haven't done as much desert hiking this winter as I'd like. A brief stroll in the Goodsight Mountains, a walk at the Mesilla Valley Bosque Park,  and a hike to Long/Finley Canyon at the southern end of the Organs are about all we've done.We camped at the Riverside Campground at Caballo Lake State Park last weekend. We did another one in the Caballos that was steep and tough( like most of them are). We hiked part on old roads, part cross country( which was tough on our dogs) up to one of the many short canyons incised in the massive cliff faces on the west side of the Caballo Range. Just before reaching the gate in the photo there was a side road that goes up the cliffside, I presume to an old mine up there,but we just didn't have the energy to explore it.We did go past the gate where the road deteriorates rapidly. We could see mine tailings and a road curving around to the south on the north  facing cliffs.We've now hiked Apache, Burbank, Batcave/Flordillo and this most recent un-named one just to north of Bat Cave Canyon.

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