Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holy Ghost Creek, Panchuela Creek-Pecos Wilderness

I fished the Pecos Wilderness twice this year. On a very hot June day, I had the the pleasure of fishing the Wilderness section of Holy Ghost Creek all by my lonesome. It was a perfect summer day of fishing. I caught over a dozen eager browns, all on attractor drys. Walking out, I passed a fisherman working the section in the campground and couldn't imagine that he was having the kind of day I just had. I dodged the potholes I hit on the way in, and drove back to Santa Fe all smiles. In November I went to Panchuela Creek and caught nothing. The few actual opportunities I had, I squandered. On the way out, I saw a fisherman coming in from his day on the Pecos. Curious, I quickly turned into the NMDGF parking area only to realize I was practically going over a cliff. I literally bounced my wife's Corolla down to the bottom. I chatted awhile. His day was much better than mine. I then turned to the daunting prospect of getting up the deeply rutted,STEEP entrance. My first attempt succeeded only in burning rubber. I retreated, banished the thought of getting towed out of there, and steeled myself for a second attempt. I carefully looked at my choices and determined that I needed to go to the left, balance on the highpoints of the ruts and somehow get my left front tire onto the grass to the side of the collapsed border between pavement and dirt. By some miracle it worked on the first try. I gave abundant thanks and thought my good fortune in getting out of there was more than adequate repayment for my poor luck on the stream. I checked under the car for any obvious damage and saw nothing. I worried for awhile,but slowly came to realize we had emerged unscathed.
The next day there wasn't time for fishing , so I did a little 4 mile loop hike in the forest near Santa Fe. The trails were practically like highways campared to what I'm used in most parts of Gila. It was nice,but I was about a month late for the fall color.IMPORTANT UPDATE: This areas have been impacted by the Tres Lagunas and Jaroso fires and are currently closed( June,2013).

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