Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Organ Mountains,Black Range,White Sands , Ruidoso River Fishing

My brother visited New Mexico for the first time. It was hot,but we managed to do some morning hikes in the Organ Mountains. We tried to do hike over in the Ruidoso area,but got rained out. We did a drive through the Black Range, stopping at Emory Pass and Gallinas Creek.We also went for an evening picnic at White Sands hoping to catch some of the meteor shower.The sky was clear,but we only saw a few. It's always fun to see New Mexico anew through a visitors eyes. The last day he was here, it turned hazy,hot and humid.
Also in August, I fished the Ruidoso River for the first time. I had only a couple of hours and it was threatening rain,but I managed 4 small browns and one nice sized rainbow. I'm not sure if it was worth the $10 fee the reservation charges,but it was fun.

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