Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caballo Mountains- ridge walk

Road to Timber Peak

Burbank Canyon, Caballo Lake from ridgeline
Timber Peak
We've also done the ridgeline walk along the jeep road at the top of the Caballos. We drove only two-thirds of the way up the steep, switchbacking, only moderately rough, but nonetheless still a bit nerve-wracking road that is used for access to the communications towers on Timber Peak.  There was a little bit climbing left and then a mostly level walk with great views of Caballo Lake and the Black Range to the west, and the Jornada del Muerto and the San Andres Mountains to the east. We didn't opt for the short climb to Brushy Peak,which is the destination of the hike as described, in Greg Magee's Day Hikes and Nature Walks in the Las Cruces- El Paso Area. Instead, we took a side road to a small valley of where there were some good sized pinon pines for shade ( a pleasant surprise in these desert mountains)looked at a few of the ever present mining prospects and then turned around.Note: the adventure of this hike is getting to the starting point. The back(east) side of the Caballos are a maze of roads, trails, routes and ways. Some are very good. Some are horrendous. Most of route leading here is on good( by southern New Mexico standards) roads. . . most. If you find yourself onto something very sketchy, there was probably a wrong turn.

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