Thursday, July 27, 2017

Upper Meander Canyon-Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

This was short morning hike to upper end of Meander Canyon, and as with my walk in the lower end this winter, it was much more pleasant to hike along the grassy benches above the canyon than in the stream bottom itself. I started out by parking right off the paved Corralitos Road just before it heads up to higher ground. I walked east,scrambling over the low ridge that divides an upper Silva Canyon tributary from Meander Canyon, I then just went from bench to bench and in out of few ravines on the west side, going higher toward the very head of the canyon.

 I finally made my way over to the east side to check out the boulders over there, and then worked my back in the canyon itself, before heading back to  my vehicle. A kind of small change hike,but it was pleasant to see all the ocotillo fat and green and views up to Bell Top and nearby peaks, and across the desert grassland were wonderful as always.

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