Monday, October 12, 2015

James Ridge- Lincoln National Forest

We rented a cabin in the Sacramento Mountains again this year for our fall break. This one was in the Wimsatt development about 6 miles east of Cloudcroft. Our first full day there I was feeling a bit under the weather,( actually it was wet and cold, so maybe I was feeling just about where the weather was) but I did go check out the nearby James Ridge Lookout, and then Seamus and I did a short hike on a unnumbered road that ran between County Road C-9 ( Sixteen Springs Road)and the FR 5583. It was a steep little jaunt of about a half mile(one way), going past an old gravel pit up  to some dispersed camping spots on the top of the ridge. We saw two deer. There are no official trails in this part of the Lincoln National Forest, but many roads, some with number designations, some without,  that could be used for hiking. There is also a lot of private property inholdings, so bring a map and know where you are. I might have hiked a little longer up on top where there were some nice views off to the south,but the drizzle that was beginning and my lack of energy sent me back to the car.

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