Monday, August 3, 2015

Taos Trip

We stayed at a beautiful little guest house at the very end of Painter Road, off of Millicent Rogers in El Prado for our firs long weekend ever in Taos. It had magnificent view of Taos Mountain, and everyday horses would come to say "hi." We hiked and I fished( see previous two blogs) and ate out at two great restaurants: The Love Apple and Orlandos. We also figured out how to avoid most of the Taos traffic with some help from our host.  On Sunday we did the requisite visit to the Plaza, visiting shops, buying wine a La Chiripada and getting drinks and nachos at the Taos Inn. On the way out on Monday we stopped by the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge which was stunning, and then took a relatively new paved road along the west rim, which brought us to the good gravel( but winding and steep) road down to the Rio Grande and on to Pilar.

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