Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Osha Trail (FT 10) -Lincoln National Forest

The Osha Trail is a pleasant little walk right out the front door of the tiny mountain town of Cloudcroft, NM.  Brown signs in either direction point to the trail and it's large parking lot on north side of US 82,  a very short distance west of Cloudcroft.   Initially the trail goes up steeply, but then levels off at the  point where one chooses which direction they will take on the loop section. We turned left(west) and headed up the ridge, reaching the high point of the hike in short time, enjoying views  from the the pine and fir clad high country hills  around us, down through first, the  scrubby and then rocky canyon sides all the way out to the expanse of  White Sands in the desert far below. We walked on, as the trail descended(now heading first north and then east) and skirted a dry grassy stream bed, through oak,maple and elder( all yet to leaf out or even bud).  After reaching the low point of the hike, a dry stream crossing, we walked up to a lovely open, green meadow surrounded by large conifers.  While the first part of the hike had ever present sounds of the cars on US 82. This back side, below the ridge, was delightfully peaceful with just the sound of the wind, ravens and the occasional laughter  of other hikers.We took our rest, enjoyed this spot, and then continued on, partly on a road where we saw a playful Stellar's Jay,  and then back on the trail to the end of our loop, and finally the short lollipop stick back to the car. It was a very enjoyable way to spend an hour on a crisp Spring morning.

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