Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Florida Mountains

There is a wide trail along the lower slopes of the Little Florida Mountains. It can be used to make a short loop hike around Rockhound State Park. It also connects to several use trails that go steeply up between the cliffs. We hiked on one of these a few years back,getting to the top with a minimum of mishaps.Be forewarned though- these are definitely not official trails. They are on very steep slopes comprised of slippery soil and loose rock.Up on top, the terrain was open and grassy.We wandered around eventually finding the well maintained road that leads to the many communications towers on the summit.We found another use trail to bring us back down. It was fun exploring and an easy way to get some fantastic unobstructed views of the main ridge of the Floridas across the valley.

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Eric said...

Wind is a fun thing in Southern New Mexico. Try playing golf in it!