Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shotgun shells

There's a scene in the classic 1930's film "It's a Gift" where W,C. Fields and his family have a very messy picnic in what they think is a city park, but which is actually a private estate.On the surface it would seem the humor in the scene comes from the incredible size of the mess they leave, their absolute nonchalance at leaving it, and from the inevitable discovery by an irate groundskeeper.Fields may have just been thumbing his nose at the wealthy owning park like estates at a time when most people were struggling,but he seems to be an inadvertent proto-environmentalist as well, contemplating the utter lack of responsibility of litterbugs who feel justified perhaps in the notion that it's someone's job to clean up the "park," and that they wouldn't have knowingly littered private property because those consequences would have been more immediate and severe than any dealt out by the public sector. Morality,to many comedians,only grows out of a fear of punishment and social approbation.I think of this every time I see large piles of shotgun shells left out in the desert.This is just littering plain and simple.They're plastic and seem to only come in bright colors so not only are they not going away anytime soon but, an obvious eyesore as well.So what I want to know is- are these shooters the type that just routinely litter anyway or do they feel that the shells are a special case? They are so prevalent in some areas, I've begun to wonder if anyone picks them up ever. I've been told they're hot when first ejected,but I'm sure they cool off quickly enough. So why not just take a little grocery bag,bend down and pick them up? No one is coming to clean up after you. We are so fortunate in the west with millions and millions of acres of public land that we can use with nary a soul watching over and very little in the way of rules or fees to inconvenience us.To some this makes it easy to abuse these places many of which may be less than pristine in first place. All I can I say to them is stop. Think of others that might not be so jaded about a place that you consider ugly enough to trash.

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