Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sierra Grande Lodge

We spent a Friday night and Saturday morning in T or C, staying at the beautiful Sierra Grande Lodge.We had a gift certificate from our kids, but the rates are very reasonable. The rooms all have a soaking tub(using the hot spring waters)which we didn't use.Instead we made reservations for two of the larger pools on the premises( guests are allowed 2 free private soaks at any of the six larger pools at the lodge), one indoor and one at their only outdoor pool. Both were very nice. We also had a good meal at the supremely retro Los Arcos Steakhouse. Los Arcos may be retro,but the Sierra Grande is definitely not. It has been completely redone and modernized. About the only thing left from days gone by are the walls and the windows. I believe it may have only evaporative cooling,which may bother those that really want to chill down the room. It was summer and maybe not the ideal time for hot spring soaking,but it was a fun getaway. We saved half the gift certificate for a winter trip,which will free up some cash for a meal and a bottle of good wine at the world class Bella Luca restaurant,which very happily,is a very short walk from the Sierra Grande.

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