Friday, July 29, 2011

Corrales,Placitas,Jemez-New Mexico wineries

When we arrived in Albuquerque( before going to Truchas), we visted several wineries in the Corrales/ Rio Rancho area. When we left we went the long way around, first to Placitas ,a small but growing village on the northeast side, where we visited the very rustic Anazasi Fields winery. We then headed out towards the west and visited the Ponderosa winery and vineyards. It was a busy little spot that Saturday with happy visitors and many of the owners dogs wandering about.The Jemez River had decent flow,but it was obvious that the area was painfully dry as well.It wasn't a big surprise when the large fires broke out in the area a couple of weeks later. We got a off on the wrong road because of a detour in Los Alamos, but finally got on our away,across the Rio Grande, and on the High Road towards Truchas.

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