Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trap Pond State Park - Delaware

I've fished here three times now. I don't actually fish the pond-it's more like a small lake and at 107 acres one of the biggest in Delaware- but the small stream that flows out of it called James Branch.There is very little shoreline on the pond that's amenable to fly casting. It is possible to rent a small boat- but I really don't enjoy roasting in the 95 degree sun. The creek is shady and cool and there are occasional areas for a backcast. My first time here I caught some nice size bluegill and red ear sunfish. I was genuinely surprised at their size. This time out, the action was slow throughout the morning but really picked up around lunch time. The fish stayed small, but on two occasions, I saw that at least a couple of lunker panfish lurk in this tiny iron stained stream. The first was a huge splashy false take on my popper, where I saw I flash of red- which made me think it might've been a red ear. The second was when an obviously larger fish took the fly,and put the only legitimate bend in the rod all day. I would've loved to see how big that one really was,but I lost him when he dove under a log.If you go there are few things you should watch out for: ticks, thigh deep mud, and what had to have been rabid raccoon out in the middle of the day who was determined to access the contents of my backpack even as yelled and poked him with my fly rod.

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