Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Mexico Vineyards

We've really been enjoying visiting vineyards and wineries here in our home state, participating in the New Mexico Wine Growers Association's passport program. So far we've collected 28 stamps.Some places have been just to collect the stamp as we work our way to the grand prize. But, most have been a lot of fun, especially when you can meet the winemakers themselves as was the case at Dos Viejos and La Chiripada. It's also been great to talk to the folks at Casa de Abril, La Esperanza, and Estrella Del Norte and learn how their families got started in the business. The little chain of wineries near Espanola makes for a great,scenic day trip from Santa Fe. In southern New Mexico,a similar trip can be had from El Paso or Las Cruces visiting the cluster of wineries near Tularosa and then going up to Ruidoso for a couple more. One of the more unusual stops so far has been the Don Quixote Winery and Distillery which is located in the middle of the suburban subdivision of White Rock. Probably the most off the beaten path,but also one of most scenic is La Esperanza( pictured above) on Gallinas Creek near Sherman, New Mexico in the Mimbres Valley. They're all very different. Oh, and the wines are good too.

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