Monday, December 16, 2013

Caves Trail- Gila National Forest

I came across this photo and remembered doing this hike several years ago. We were camping on Easter weekend on a friend's  property on Sapillo Creek. We later found that parking our trailer on the property was forbidden  by the subdivision covenant, but at least we got to enjoy it for one weekend. One day we hiked down Sapillo Creek in the wilderness. The other day we drove out to Rocky Canyon Campground on the North Star Road ( NM 150) and did this little hike.  NM 150  was and may still be pretty good dirt road until you get Rocky Canyon. Immediately after, and sometimes a bit before reaching the primitive campground it gets very rough. There's not much to this hike. We began  by walking east on the Rocky Canyon Trail (FT 700) and in a short while turned to the south on the Caves Trail( FT 803). Upon reaching the "caves" we did a bunch of exploring in the myriad of alcoves( not really caves as it turns out) in the volcanic cliffs on either side of  the drainage. We looked for use by ancient peoples. We didn't find any evidence but that doesn't  mean it's not there. Exercise caution if you go. It's a serious tumble down into the brushy, overgrown  stream.

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