Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gila River- Gila Wilderness

I fished the Gila River back in May,before the water level went way down. I started out at Grapevine Campground and made my way about 1.5 miles downstream. Caught 2 decent rainbows, both in the current, and a small smallmouth among some in stream boulders. Not the greatest day,but it is nice to fish a bigger stream once in awhile. I found the hot spring on the way back and got in for a little bit. Didn't see anyone all day, although there were a bunch of trucks in the parking area- folks must have been further downstream. It was nice just to be there- the lazy river, the open canyon with plenty of sky. There were some clouds and a very few raindrops- but that just kept the sun from being too hot. A few more fish and it would have been perfect.

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