Monday, September 24, 2007

Bonito Creek Camping-Lincoln National Forest

Crest Trail

Nogal Peak

Wild irises

South Fork Bonito

In late May I started things off with fishing trips to Three Rivers for brookies, and Bonito Creek for rainbows and brookies. Fishing was good and I did catch one truly large rainbow in Bonito Creek just below the confluence with Aspen Canyon. I also encountered other fisherman for first time in the seven or so years that I'd been fishing in the White Mountain Wilderness.

In early June we went on a trailer camping trip back to Bonito Creek. We found a good spot on a dirt road along the creek. We hiked up the Argentina Trail to the Crest and then back down the Little Bonito and Big Bonito trails. The crest was spectacular! The third day it was starting to get windy, cloudy and a little cold. We drove around until the sun came out and then hiked some of the South Fork and the Bluefront trails. I did a little fishing,but only caught a few small trout.By the time we returned to the campsite, it was really blowing a gale. We could hear trees cracking all around us and decided to get out. It was a long drive back to Las Cruces with 60 mph headwind the whole way.
Argentina Canyon trail
Looking down Argentina Canyon
Argentina Spring on the crest

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