Sunday, October 19, 2014

Karr Canyon ( FR 63) - Lincoln National Forest

Last year, after completing  our Salado Canyon hike, we  drove up to the Karr Canyon picnic area hoping to see a little fall color. We were a bit too early.The many maples,aspens and oaks were still green. I'd forgotten about this little foray, until last Sunday morning. I woke up on the last day of our little fall vacation in Cloudcroft thinking" I want to drive back through Karr Canyon."
   Well it was a pretty brisk morning as we headed out first on NM 130 then onto NM 6563 and finally after about 6 or so miles began our descent  along the  narrow, dark watercourse  where there is barely room for FR 63( Karr Canyon Road).
  The wind was blowing and the aspens were losing their leaves in large numbers. A layer of fresh yellow  color that seemed to  light the dark forest was covering every surface as we peered from our car window. I should have photographed it, but it seemed to be one of those scenes that just can't be  conveyed unless the light was absolutely perfect. Well, I could've tried.
  We parked at the  picnic  area which was busy with campers and day trippers. The maples were brilliant in shades of yellow, orange and red. There are some that have grown to good size in this cool canyon. We took our pictures, walked around a little. We would have walked around more,but it would have meant walking through people's camp sites, which seemed weird. I was glad we came this way. It always makes me smile to see maple trees putting on their fall show ( I guess it's that New Englander deep down inside me still).

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